Apple The Richest Brand In The World

Global technology giant Apple - Known Forbes magazine declared the third consecutive year, is the world's most valuable brand . Forbes list of most valuable brands second to Microsoft and Coca - Cola has achieved third place . However , IT giant IBM and Internet giant Google ranked third and fourth .
According to Forbes, Apple's brand value is $ 104.3 billion , which was second to Microsoft's brand value has nearly doubled from $ 56.7 billion . The magazine said in its report last year , Apple 's brand value has increased by 20 per cent . Microsoft 's brand value has remained almost constant since the last three years . The company reduced its personal computer business foothold in the mobile market is in the public eye . The company's growth rate is reduced but still it is the most profitable brands . The operating margin last year was 34 per cent .

Coca - Cola's brand Valy 54.9 billion and is estimated at 50.7 billion of IBM . Worldwide list of around 100 companies , U.S. companies have won more than half the space . Thereafter, Germany's second most nine companies are included . Seven of the eight companies of France and Japan have found a place in the list . India was not a single company in the list .
She was more than 19 companies in the technology sector , six of the top ten companies in this sector companies. Samsung's brand value was ranked ninth on the list than last year recorded the highest growth of 53 per cent . 136 per cent of its value in the last three years has swung .