Costliest Dance of Priyanka Chopra

Actress Priyanka Chopra will receive such a large amount just to dance while as many heroines do not get the whole movie . Yes , a large amount of them will dance in celebration .
According to Mid Day newspaper in Chennai to celebrate the new year , she was invited to dance . This dance just 7 minutes and 6 million are being allocated for it . Initially , the organizers were not prepared to pay such a high price because Priyanka refused to sing and was just focused on dancing .

But Chopra's great popularity, the organizers agreed to their terms . They also felt that they would make so much money . Priyanka's name will be enough people . Film stars are charging hefty sums to private parties and all but a few big names to participate in such shows .

A block manufacturer in Delhi recently for a wedding dance was a big star for Rs 5 crore . A few years ago, the Bollywood superstar dancer in Delhi for New Year's party had a sum of Rs 14 crore