Life insurance is the primary Priority

Insurance is a product that provides protection to the policyholder 's lifetime . Any person working on which many dependents rearing responsibility , it is a necessary investment . In the event of the policyholder's death to his family financial security it provides .

Life insurance is the primary means of financial planning . This time alone in the way you and your family
financial protection .

The basic goal of life insurance is to replace such losses , for which we are not prepared . It offers help in dealing with unexpected losses . Life insurance products provide protection from unseen events are designed to enable . No other investment can not provide such protection .

Life insurance new product

In the insurance sector from January 2014 new rules - rules are applied . But the purpose of life insurance is the same . The new guidelines will also serve as life insurance, long-term objectives . Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ( IRDA) life insurance products under these guidelines are divided into three categories : traditional life insurance plans , variable life insurance plans (Variable Insurance Plan or VIP ) and unit - linked insurance plans (ULIP ) . They will lead to the sale of insurance products and more need-based life insurance protections . Also surrender value will get better and improve Diclojr . Additionally , customers simple and customer - friendly insurance plans will enjoy . The new traditional insurance products to customers in the event of death cover will achieve much . Regular premium policies to customers under the age of 45 years of annual premium equal to ten times , while older ones will cover seven times . The minimum death benefit will be equal to the sum insured in traditional plans . You can also get some other benefits as well .
n case of ULIP insurance companies now policyholders every month to give notice of a decrease in yield . They have been linked to an index . Get 10 per cent commission to agents under ULIP . Among the rules to eliminate the VIP ( Diskantinyuesn Norms ) and the fee structure is similar to ULIP . As far as charges are concerned , short-term policies under the new guidelines, the commission has been reduced . Additionally , the amount of commission on all premiums have been added . This will lead to long-term sales . It is in the interest of both customers and insurance consultants .

Long-term safety and savings

Despite the arrival of new life insurance products will make great financial tool , and the only security would be a component of overall financial plan instead . This asset creation , conservation , heirs to hand whenever they need to plan and prepare the ground to receive cash . The people will lead to long-term regular savings habit . This collection will encourage not only the property , but also for future funding requirements will ensure sustainable growth . It will not deviated from its long-term goals .
There is no right age to start insurance of the way . But as early as the beginning is just as much benefit in the long run . Way of insurance premium increases with age . More physically fit you are at least age and health would marry . This helps to keep the cost of insurance premiums has to lose . Roughly twenty times the amount of your annual income should be equal to the life insurance . Life insurance should be paid to any individual family members . Contribute financially to the family according to the value of the life insurance needs to housewives . And then , in view of future earnings prospects and risks should consider life insurance for children . Premature mortality or longevity - may have to face in life both cases . And life insurance is required in both cases . Many products are available for it . The term insurance , children's insurance plans , endowment policy , health plans , pension plans , ULIP offers .

Needs assessment

When buying a life insurance policy is extremely important to assess your needs . It should look at what point in that age which may have a job , what is the number of dependents , financial goals , etc. , how and what lifestyle . You want to live a comfortable life after retirement and are fixed . The best way to spend those golden years, you must unite all their properties correspond to regular income . Health and calculation of the costs of treatment and also arranged for his family must leave some money . For this you should invest in a pension plan and health cover . Although no harm in taking investment based life insurance policy , but the first to provide protection to the dependents in terms of security policy is prudent to buy . Term insurance policies that provide coverage to cover the loan . They do not get back the premium paid at maturity . But the policy term, the policyholder gets a lump sum on death of the family .