Microsoft chairman Bill Gates under pressure...............

U.S. IT giant Microsoft founder Bill Gates some big investors have rallied against . The company ranks among the 20 largest investors, the company's chairman three investors are pushing for removal from office .
Thirty years ago, the Gates founded Microsoft chairman of the opponents say that most of the time is spent in charity work . Despite decreases stake in the company now owns more than they want to . Microsoft Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) Steve Ballmer , the company's performance and share price over the last few years has been steadily increasing pressure to improve . This is the first time the major shareholders is targeted at the Gates .
However , this is no indication that the Board of Directors of the Company will focus on the willingness of investors . According to sources close to three per cent stake in the company to investors . His name was not aware of . With a market capitalization of close to $ 277 billion, down 4.5 per cent at Microsoft, Gates has been reduced . Yet he is still the company's largest individual shareholder . Listed on the stock exchange in 1986, Gates before Microsoft 's share was 49 per cent . Gates of our plans each year to sell its stake to eight crore shares . Gates under the scheme in 2018, the company will no longer hold any interest .
Gates handed over the CEO responsibilities of the Balmer in 2000, the company had reduced its role .