Prostate cancer patients will get new life

Walnut-sized prostate gland is located below the urinary bladder in men . This gland certain substances
( factors ) dictates which helps reproduction . Prostate cancer is a disease which affected are generally those who have crossed the age of 50 have the highest risk . It is not available to treat prostate cancer . If the disease is detected in time so it can be corrected . However , advances in medical diagnosis of the cancer treatment process is made ​​more effective . Biopsy of the new technology has ensured that this particular type of patient to be treated . The technique of prostate cancer surgery has made not only extremely safe , but it is not anticipating any flaws in the treatment .

What's new technology

Prostate cancer patients before biopsy PSA ( prostate specific antigen ) blood test has to undergo . After this test, prostate cancer can be detected . If the PSA level is high , the risk of prostate cancer increases . If your prostate gland is enlarged or has strict doctors recommend biopsy . In the process of prostate tissue is removed and sent to a lab to be examined . For the treatment of prostate cancer biopsy is extremely important that it should be fine . If there were flaws in the biopsy treatment may be wrong . Color Doppler Three -D mapping (With Contrast ) technology is considered the most modern in the region . If the biopsy is the method increases the likelihood of accurate treatment .