Sophie Anderton See Through Dress, Nice Hanger Tits

This English model is willing to sell you her sweet body for $20,000 per night for sex. Lol Click on pictures to enlarge.

In 2007, British tabloid newspaper the News Of The World and Mazher Mahmood conducted an entrapment operation, in which Anderton both took and offered cocaine and offered to have sex with Mahmood for $20,000. Her $200,000 modelling contract with fake tan firm Fake Bake was terminated the next day, citing her drug use.

Sophie Anderton (born 14 May 1977 in Bristol) is an English model and reality television personality.

Anderton attended Redland High School for Girls in Bristol between 1988 and 1993. It was during this time, aged 11, that she sustained serious injuries in a road accident necessitating some 18 operations from which she took four years to recover. In 1993 she briefly attended Bristol Cathedral School before becoming a model, aged 16.

She became famous in 1999 after appearing in revealing underwear for the provocative Gossard Glossies "Girl in the grass" national advertising campaign shot by Herb Ritts, with the strapline "Who said a woman couldn't get pleasure from something soft?".

At their height, earnings of £30,000 per week propelled her into the ranks of the it-girls and allowed her to lead a decadent lifestyle of parties, drugs and sex. This proved irresistable to the UK tabloid press who reported in detail, even more so when she became addicted to drugs, had a tumultuous affair with footballer and fellow addict Mark Bosnich, and became involved in prostitution.