The election of U.S. President Can Participant by Bobby Jindal

Louisiana province's rising star of Indian origin Governor Bobby Jindal and the Republican Party for the U.S. presidential election in 2016 are preparing to fight . This information is provided by the province's top senator .
Private TV channel C - SPAN Nugmekrs program , said Sen. David

Vitor I think he [ Jindal ] will take part in the election . He has been preparing for this . He will be an important candidate . Vitor member of the Republican Party that I 'd like Bobby . I respect his leadership . I agree with all his political ideals , but I personally do not think that I will or will not do . When asked whether he is confident that the 42 -year-old Jindal become president ?
Louisiana Governor Jindal 's second term as will be completed in 2015 . He can not fight election for a third term . Vitor gubernatorial elections are considered . Jindal said some time ago in the race for the 2016 presidential election was not denied . He said at that time that I would be too early to tell about it . Vitor said in January that I hope we will reach a conclusion